About Us

Sunrise & Co (Pte) Ltd. headquartered in Singapore is one of the leading wholesalers/distributors of branded sports equipment, accessories, apparel and sports footwear in several countries of South East Asia and South Asia including : Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Mauritius, Brunei,  Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Mission Statement

To be the No.1 sports goods and lifestyle company in Asia, ''providing a healthy lifestyle," Sunrise is dedicated to the sale of high-quality, authentic sports equipment, and also to the development and promotion of an active sport lifestyle.


More than four decades "Yonex" the world leader in the manufacture of badminton equipment, accessories etc and Sunrise forged a partnership to enhance and foster a greater interest in badminton & simultaneously endeavour to raise the standard of the game professionally. Yonex and Sunrise have over the years worked together to nurture and develop badminton and position it as a leading sport on the world map, through various initiatives including sponsorship of leading tournaments, national badminton associations and leading badminton players. Similarly, Sunrise has a long standing association with world renowned Game ball brand "Mikasa" which has remained the Official Volleyball of the Olympics since 1964 until the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympics games.


Sunrise, together with its principal Yonex, sponsors the official attire for the Singapore Contingent in various international events such as Olympics, Youth Olympics, SEA Games, Commonwealth Games & Asian Games. The renowned game ball brand Mikasa, exclusively distributed by Sunrise is the Official Supplier of volleyballs to the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) until 2016. Mikasa is also the official game ball for soccer, basketball, handball, korfball, water polo, etc. in several countries all over the world. In Singapore, Mikasa is the official game ball of the Football Association of Singapore and the Singapore National Games.

Social Commitment

Sunrise actively contributes to the development of sports in the community too. For instance, it co-sponsors the badminton training schemes administered by the Singapore Sports Council to groom national players. Sunrise also sponsors individual badminton players in Singapore, encouraging them to give their best to the game of badminton.

The promotion and growth of sports continues to be the core commitment of Sunrise and this is what drives the company forward to greater heights.